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Our aim to make a practical improvement in social mobility for young people from all backgrounds.

We provide opportunities and networks of support for 14-18 year olds who are unable to get them from their schools or families.


We offer cross-industry opportunities in several sectors giving you the chance to explore what’s out there and learn about the industry that’s right for you. 

Our long-established relationships with delivery partners open doors to the best contacts and career opportunities.

Work Experience Opportunities

Engineering Opportunities

Tata Steel runs a 4 week PAID placement for Year 12s at Port Talbot and Scunthorpe. You'll have the opportunity to take on a range of engineering and technical projects. It takes place over the summer
Applications close at the end of March.
Find out more here

Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction groups. They offer short-term placements during the summer period of your GCSEs or A-levels. These structured placements are based in Rickmansworth.
Find out more here

Airbus are the worlds leading aircraft manufacturers.  They offers a work experience programme aimed at 14 to 19 year olds. You will spend a week in manufacturing, engineering or a support function at either Filton in Bristol or Broughton in South Wales.
Find out more here

McLaren offer a very limited number of week long work experience placements though reference is given to those who attend schools in the immediate vicinity of a McLaren facility.
Placements run between May to July. Applications open in January
Find out more here

Crossrail run work experience programs - apply online. 

Imperial College offers a range Science and Engineering Summer Schools.
Applications close in April.
More information on the Engineering Summer School, 'Insights into Science and Engineering Summer School' and 'Headstart Engineering Summer School' for Yr 12 can be found here. 

The UK Electronics Skills Foundation offer Headstart Summer Schools are five-day residential courses for Year 12 school students who are studying subjects in science, technology, engineering and maths.  They provide an opportunity for students to find out about degrees and careers in electronics and electronic engineering before they make their UCAS applications.
Find out more: here

Warwick University Pre-University Tasters. The courses are designed for students who will be applying (or have applied) to university and who wish to enhance the school curriculum with teaching delivered by Warwick staff.
For more information and to book, click here.

Science and Maths Opportunities

Just a few of the programmes available:

UK's Science & Technology Facilities Council (Chilbolton, Daresbury Laboratory, Rutherford Appleton Lab & the UK Astronomy Technology Centre)
Work experience programme for Yr 10, 11 & 12 pupils
Application open in September for the following year
Find out more: here

European Space Agency are opening a new facility called ECSAT near Oxford. They will be launching a work experience programme shortly.
Find out more here

The Met Office is VERY exciting - they have one of the world's biggest supercomputers that can do 127 trillion calculations per second.  How cool is that!
They run a one week programme in the summer in Exeter (no accommodation provided) for anyone aged 14-17 
Applications open in early Autumn and close in January 
Find out more: here

Diamond Light Source is the UK's synchrotron (particle accelerator) based near Oxford. 
They offer a week long work experience programme for Yr 10, 11 & 12 pupils
Applications open in February and close in early April
Find out more here

GSK, the global  pharmaceutical company offer a limited number of work experience placements at their sites in Brentford, Stevenage and Ware. 
Find out more here

Medical Research Council Clinical Services Centre offer an A level programme for 4 weeks in August. You complete a project based on the  work of one of their research groups, and  attend demonstrations of the facilities and techniques used throughout the Institute. Recruitment is undertaken through the Social Mobility Foundation and student stipends are funded by the Nuffield Foundation.
Find out more here

UCL under their Widening Participation programme offer a range of activities for Yr s7-11 and for Yrs 12 & 13.
Find out more here

And if  you are interested in physics: you might also be interested in the very popular Particle Physics Masterclass Programme - a series of one day events at universities in London [Note: you'll have to get a physics teacher interested in coming along too!].
Find out more here

Nuffield Research Projects
If you are planning a long period of work experience (4-8 weeks), why not apply through the Nuffield foundation? Although they are not able to provide placements, they can be a useful name to drop to show you are serious (you need to be accepted onto the Nuffield program). You can use a Nuffield research project for a Gold Science Crest award, and since the research is your own, it is a good introduction to research in STEM. You could even use your project to enter Google's Big Bang Fair, like this guy, or the UK Young Scientist of the Year.

Finance Opportunities


Bank of America Merrill Lynch  offers two programmes
'Banking Uncovered' is a two day programme for Yrs 12 or 13
Applications open in January and close in March
Female Futures is also a two day programme for Yrs 12 or 13 with some time spent networling with senior female leaders.
Applications open in November and close in January.
Find out more here

Morgan Stanley offers two programmes::

  • Step in / Step up - a three day programme aimed at female Yr 12/ 13 students

  • Open Day - a one day event for all Yr 12 & 13 students

Find out more here

JP Morgan offers three programmes:

Nomura offers a four day programme aime at Yr 12 & 13 students
Find out more here

Both HSBC and RBS have programmes at their local branches. You'll spend one week doing all sorts of stuff; from work shadowing retail bankers to carrying out market research.

McKinsey Management Consultants offers a two-day residential Leadership Academy at Wellington College in Berkshire, in July. All costs are paid for by McKinsey.
Applications close in Spring. 

The accountancy firm Ernst & Young runs a Skills Academy for Year 12 students who want a taste of what it's like working in the City. Applications are now open.


Other Opportunities

The BBC offers a range of work experience opportunities, with applications opening four times a year
Find out more: here

Sky also offers a range of work experience opportunities,generally lasting between one and two weeks
Find out more: here

Studentladder offers help finding opportunities in STEM as well as Medicine and Media. Find out more here.

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