Welcome Parents
Please read this 101 Guide Fully 

At the Maths Society we value positive learning experiences. 

We believe that pupils will achieve more with a positive attitude towards learning and when they are given the opportunity to be inquisitive and experiment in a safe, patient  learning environment. We love teaching, we believe that this passion translates to happy, healthy learners.

Safeguarding at the Maths Society

We are committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all our children in school. We believe that pupils have a right to learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment which includes the right to protection from all types of abuse; where staff are vigilant for signs of any pupil in distress and are confident about applying the/our safeguarding processes to avert and alleviate any such problems. Have a look at our Safeguarding Policy  below for further information. 

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Our Policies

Here you will find a copy of our Safeguarding and Child Protection policy

The Maths Society Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection leaflet, given to all tutors at their initial training.

Safeguarding Leaflet

Guide to Student Safety - see below.

Refund Policy


Please review the T&C, prior to registering https://www.mathsociety.org.uk/termsandconditions

Drop off & Pick Up

As per Stanmore College Covid guidance, Parents are not allowed to enter the Larch building. There are parking facilities inside the College for drop off or pick up.

Entry is via Elm Park gate (not Old Church Lane entrance) - Elm Park, Middlesex HA7 4BQ

Google Map link for Elm Park gate

Student Safety - First Aid policy

The Maths Society holds the safety of all learners as its highest priority. This includes the health, safety and welfare of all young people. Our aim is to

  • Ensure the health and safety of all staff, pupils and visitors

  • Ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities with regards to health and safety

TMS has one trained first aider and is responsible for:

  • Taking charge when someone is injured or becomes ill

  • Ensuring there is an adequate supply of medical materials in first aid kits, and replenishing the contents of these kits

  • Ensuring that an ambulance or other professional medical help is summoned when appropriate

First aiders are trained and qualified to carry out the role and are responsible for:

  • Acting as first responders to any incidents; they will assess the situation where there is an injured or ill person, and provide immediate and appropriate treatment

  • Sending pupils home to recover, where necessary

Staff are responsible for:

  • Ensuring they follow first aid procedures

  • Ensuring they know who the first aiders are

  • Informing the manager of any specific health conditions or first aid needs

First aid procedures


During tuition, in the event of an accident resulting in injury:

  • The closest member of staff present will assess the seriousness of the injury and seek the assistance of a qualified first aider, if appropriate, who will provide the required first aid treatment

  • The first aider, if called, will assess the injury and decide if further assistance is needed from a colleague or the emergency services. They will remain on scene until help arrives

  • The first aider will also decide whether the injured person should be moved or placed in a recovery position

  • If the first aider judges that a pupil is too unwell to remain in tuition, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child. Upon their arrival, the first aider will recommend next steps to the parents

  • If emergency services are called, the Manager or if not available the staff will contact parents immediately


First aid support at Stanmore College

All of the Stanmore College Estates Department are First Aid trained as well as other members of staff.  

In the event of an emergency on a Saturday, the Stanmore College Site Supervisor can be contacted on 07521 465013 and in addition there is also a Stanmore College Saturday Duty Manager on site. The Stanmore College duty Site Supervisor can be contacted on 07801 307184.

First aid equipment

There is a specific first aid room which is located on the ground floor of Elm Building and the First Aider (being a member of Estates) has access to the First Aid kit which has a full stock of equipment. 

Record-keeping and reporting 

The manager will keep a record of any accident which results in a serious reportable injury, disease, or dangerous occurrence as defined in the RIDDOR 2013 legislation (regulations 4, 5, 6 and 7).

Reportable injuries, diseases or dangerous occurrences include:

  • Death

  • Specified injuries, which are:

    • Fractures, other than to fingers, thumbs and toes

    • Amputations

    • Any injury likely to lead to permanent loss of sight or reduction in sight

    • Any crush injury to the head or torso causing damage to the brain or internal organs

    • Serious burns (including scalding)

    • Any scalping requiring hospital treatment

    • Any loss of consciousness caused by head injury or asphyxia

    • Any other injury arising from working in an enclosed space which leads to hypothermia or heat-induced illness, or requires resuscitation or admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours

Notifying parents

The manager, class teacher or teaching assistant will inform the parent of any accident or injury sustained by a pupil, and any first aid treatment given, on the same day, or as soon as reasonably practicable. 

Fees and Payment

We strongly believe in fair and transparent pricing that reflects excellent value for money. We appreciate that private tuition can be a significant financial commitment to any parent; therefore the quality of the service we provide, we promise shall always be second to none.

  • £30 registration (new pupils only)

  • Year 4, 5 or 6 - Maths & English £25  - 2 hours per session

  • Maths £16 per hour - £192 per term

  • English £18 per hour - £216 per term

  • Science £16 per hour - £192 per term

  • GCSE Level 2 Further Maths £20 per hour - £240 per term

  • A Level Maths £20 per hour - £240 per term

  • A Level Further Maths £25 per - 1 hour 30 mins - £300 per term

Instalments : if you have signed up to more than one subject you may pay in two instalments - 50% upfront and 50% by half-term


Refund policy - please review the T&C, prior to registering https://www.mathsociety.org.uk/termsandconditions

Payment - You can pay by bank transfer. An invoice will be emailed to you by Zoho Invoice with details for making the payment.

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Teaching staff

The teaching staff is a combination of full-time qualified teachers and experienced tutors.

Full-time qualified teachers (PGCE) would typically be teaching or have taught at a local school/college or have considerable experience in the teaching profession.

Experienced tutors have the subject knowledge with a relevant degree and/or the experience of private tutoring the subject matter.

At TMS you can be assured of the assistance of a subject-specific tutor.

Tutors have knowledge of the curriculum and experience of the teaching the subject to the same level (or higher). When required a classroom may be supplemented with a teaching assistant and/or a volunteer to support the teacher.

All of our staff have been vetted with the relevant documentation, DBS checked and have passed a 1-on-1 interview.

See below short profiles on all of our teaching staff.

1. VB - Former head of Maths, Full time Maths teacher and examiner with 30 years teaching experience at a local outstanding school. Specialist A Level tutor.
2. MU - Full time English teacher, Head of KS4 at a local school and English teacher for 9 years. AQA English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2 examiner, summer series and November resit.
3. SA - Full time English teacher and Curriculum Leader at Key Stage 3 at a local outstanding school. GCSE English examiner.
4. Dr TC - Full time Science teacher and Head of Science at an independent school with over 15 years teaching experience
5. DW - Full time maths teacher and Co-head of Maths at a local outstanding school.
6. SZ - Science tutor with over 3 years tutoring experience. Currently completing MBBS at UCL Medical School
7. NAZ - Full time primary school teacher at a local school
8. MJ - Full time primary school teaching assistant at a local school
9. JP - GCSE Maths tutor for over 5 years. BSc Actuarial Science.

Google Classroom

We use Google Classrooms to set homework and share resources. Below is all the information you need to get you started.


What is Google Classrooms?

This is a resource we are investing in to benefit our pupils. It provides a safe way for us to connect, share content, access homework, participate in discussions and receive private teacher feedback and grades. Google classroom allows teachers to send work e.g., powerpoint presentations, videos or word documents and pupils to submit homework.

Watch this short Google Classroom guide for Students & Parents 

Google Classroom Login Instructions
Google Classroom is best used while running the Google Chrome web browser.
You will need a Gmail account - this can be in your own name or your parents. DO NOT use your school issued email or gmail account.

We recommend the child has his/her personal Gmail account.

Action > Set up a Gmail asap. We will send you an invite code for each subject. This is the account that will receive all Homework emails.

How do you set up Google Classroom?

Watch this short guide https://youtu.be/yE0gfOsBrMk
You will receive Classroom codes from us for each class.

To join you must have a gmail account. You cannot join with a hotmail, yahoo or any other account. Each child in the family should have a separate Gmail account.

Each class is private to the people the teacher has personally invited, including the students enrolled in that class and other teachers. Once you have joined a class, you can use all the features the teacher has enabled for that class, including class schedules, assignments, announcements, and submission.

Can you use Google Classroom at home?
You access Google Classroom from anywhere, including your phones, once you download the Google Classroom app.



Homework is set every week and is compulsory, no ifs or buts.

It is set at the end of the class and they have to write it in their books (many do not). 

It must be completed to the best of their ability.

It must be submitted by the deadline for review by the teachers.

We also upload the homework in Google Classrooms - under Classwork > Assignments.

It is also uploaded here with video tutorials. Watching the video tutorial is mandatory.

Maths >> https://www.mathsociety.org.uk/ks3maths
Science >> https://www.mathsociety.org.uk/ks3science

How to submit work?
Watch this quick guide https://youtu.be/u2e8S413rPU
We suggest you use Google docs to write up your English work - it's easy to submit, no pictures to take and also easy for the teacher to read and mark.

For Maths and Science you can submit jpegs of your work which you would have done in your  notebooks.

Parents Role - Very Important
Homework is one area where parents can play a very active and encouraging part in their child's education.
Get involved - take a genuine interest in their homework. It takes less than 10 mins a day to get them started.
Ensure the HW is completed to a high standard - Please check to ensure the work is completed, do not take their word for it. Do not excuse incomplete work.
Remove all distractions - no phones, no computers, unless when actually required for the work. Pupils tend to type the question into Google and copy the answer down - that's not learning. Maths homework will require showing workings out, you cannot copy the answers from the back of the book.
Homework Routines - Your child should get in the habit of doing homework at the same time every day. The time may vary depending on the individual child.
Let them make mistakes - It’s OK for answers to be wrong. Telling your child the right answer and getting them to just write it down means that the teacher is none the wiser about which bits they are struggling with and which they excel at.


Recommended Books and Equipment

Your textbook materials will vary depending on your Year group, please order the books shown on this link

You must bring the following with you to all classes.


1. Pencil case, writing materials, protractor, ruler


2. Calculator - For All Years




3. Two blank A4 Exercise books per subject


Covid Arrangement - Safety Plan

If you suspect your child has coronavirus or has a positive test

Do not send your child if:

You should follow public health advice on when to self-isolate and what to do.

It is necessary to protect other pupils and staff from possible infection with COVID-19


Arrival and Departure


































Break - Changeover




General Safe Practices


  • Students only enter college building. Parents cannot enter.

  • Only one parent/carer to drop and collect.

  • Communication with the school must be via email or phone.

  • Centre Head and respective tutors at the gate before and after

  • Pupils must be dropped off at Elm Park gate (NOT Old Church Lane entrance) atleast 10 mins prior to tuition time.

  • Elm Park Gate opens at 9.50am and every hour thereafter, 10 mins prior to tuition time and every hour there for allocated yr groups. 

  • If your tuition is at 10am, please arrive by 9.50am at the Elm Park gate (NOT Old Church Lane entrance) ready to be picked up and escorted to the classrooms. If you are late you will miss the collection and will have to wait. TMS will not be responsible for late entries. Please arrive on time and plan your journey accordingly.

  • Children arriving at other times cannot enter the College grounds until it is their time. 

  • Families with children that have different drop off times must stay within their car or away from the Elm Park gate entrance until it is their allocated time to enter. 

  • Students will be taken straight to their classroom. 

  • Google Map link for Elm Park gate

  • 2 metres between staff at all times.

  • 2 metre between staff and students where possible.

  • 2 metre between students at all times where possible.

  • Parents must also maintain 2 metres between each other when collecting their child. 

  • Movement with the college will be very structured; an orderly one-way system will be used throughout the College with clearly marked directions to follow.

  • Same seat in the class bubble each day.

  • Each class bubble is a maximum of 15 students plus teacher/tutor/TA.

  • Sanitiser available in the classroom and correct handwashing ensured, soap will be available plus paper towels in toilet areas. 

  • Disinfectant spray/ wipes used regularly on surfaces.

  • Correct hygiene procedures with students revisited daily.

  • Students can and should bring their own sanitisers but will be required to clean hands at the start and end of each lesson.

  • Parents or carers must ensure the child carries with them a face mask and personal hand sanitizer.

  • Children will eat in the classroom only with their allocated bubble.  

  • Tables/chairs sanitised. 

  • Children who are bringing in packed lunch must keep this with them stored under their desk.  It must be taken home each day and sanitised. 

  • No sharing food or drink. 

  • No sharing of equipment.

  • Students to have their own drink bottle - drinking fountains closed.

  • One student will be allowed in the toilets at a time.

  • Furniture disinfected each day.

  • Any sick children will be sent home.

  • No staff will be at school if health compromised

  • Parents or carers must ensure the child carries with them a face mask and personal hand sanitizer.

  • Parents or carers must check their own children and not send them to tuition if they are displaying symptoms or have been in contact with anybody who has been positively diagnosed. If householders are displaying symptoms but undiagnosed they will also be asked to remain at home. Full guidance on this will be adhered to.

  • Please remember to ensure your son/daughter has a water bottle to reduce any risk of transition through contaminated cups (we will not be lending out cups).

Online Remote Learning - during Covid and Emergencies only

We learned many things last year as we navigated this pandemic. Foremost, we would like to reassure you that our No 1 priority is to offer a safe learning environment in a classroom setting. All our teachers want to teach in a classroom with pupils present and engaged in learning. Teaching will happen in the classroom as a priority.

However, there will be times when a teacher falls ill or is unable to be physically present in the classroom. Anybody can fall ill or have an emergency situation. In this instance, we do not want learning to stop for any reason. During these rare and exceptional circumstances we will arrange for the teacher to teach online. This is to ensure the child does not fall behind and that the teaching continues irrespective. Online teaching can be delivered in a classroom or in the home. Our first preference is to deliver the lesson over skype in the classroom itself. The pupils will continue to attend the College, sit in the classroom, while the teacher will be present over skype, delivering a live lesson. We expect the same high level of engagement from your child for remote learning as we do generally.  The teachers will follow the same behavior policy praising students and rewarding excellent work.

It is important that the teaching continues and the child benefits from the learning.

A legitimate concern for some parents may be the inadequacy of online learning. I would like to assure all parents that most of our tutors are full time teachers and have been delivering 'Live' remote learning for their respective schools. We are following the guidelines set by DfE. Teaching is not compromised simply because a teacher is not physically present. Research and early evidence has shown that in fact it is the quality of teaching and feedback, rather than how it is delivered, that is important. You can read more here



Just to be crystal clear, I would like to reassure all parents that we are NOT moving to Skype, we are continuing with classroom lessons. This email is simply to advise you that, since we are in a pandemic, expect the unexpected like Omicron and who knows what next. Teachers are humans and they will fall ill. If a teacher is Covid positive or has an emergency, which prevents the teacher from being physically present, we will deliver the teaching via remote learning. This is a backup which I hope we do not have to fall back on. However, for the interest of the child, we do not want teaching to stop either.

Complaints Matter to Us

TMS is committed to providing a high-quality educational experience for all students. We welcome any complaints, concerns, suggestions or comments you may have on our service.


We recognises that from time to time problems do arise, and welcome the opportunity to correct mistakes and to respond constructively when students and/or parents are dissatisfied with a particular service or other aspect of TMS provision. Where a complaint is upheld, we will where possible seek to put things right. If a complaint is not upheld, we will give reasons for the decision. 

Many complaints can be resolved at an informal level. In the first instance, the most effective approach is usually for the student and/or parent to take the matter directly to Mr Patel. We aim to handle complaints quickly, effectively and in a fair and honest way.

In the event of a complaint which the student and/or parent is unable to resolve satisfactorily with Mr Patel, the Parent must put the complaint in accordance with the TMS's published procedure, found here.