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changes everything

We can't stop you worrying about your child.

But our expert teachers can help their grades and confidence soar - and help you worry a little less.

Maths, English and Science -

from Year 4 to 13.

SATS, GCSEs and A Levels.

Face-to-face Classroom based.  

Every Saturday at Stanmore College.

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We Cover the Core Subjects
for all
Year groups

KS2 > Year 4  .  Year 5  .  Year 6  .  

KS3 > Year 7  .  Year 8  .  Year 9  .  

KS4 > Year 10  .  Year 11  .  

KS5 > Year 12  .  Year 13  .

Proven to Get Results for Your Child

Our students make, on average, a whole grade's improvement

in a term (and often more)


Qualified Tutors only

We're very (very) picky about our teachers. They are subject specialist with a degree. They are qualified full time teachers, currently teaching in local schools from KS2 up to GCSE and A Level and many are examiners too. Our teachers are well versed in the curriculum the teach and can explain tricky concepts in a way teens understand.

Happy Mother's Day

Trusted by Parents

We're rated 5/5 on Google Reviews from the thousands (and counting!) lessons we’ve delivered so far.

And because our teachers get such good results, schools use them to support their teaching. We work with local school targeting learning

 and helping pupils achieve their goals.

Girl at School

Improve Grades

Since 2016 we have delivered outstanding results with over 80% achieving Grade 7 or above.

As a non-profit our sincere focus is to help your child develop and grow to their highest potential.

What can you expect?
plug gaps and boost confidence


90% of pupils

show a solid understanding of the concept they’ve been learning.

75% of pupils

who report low confidence at the start say it has improved at the end.

Double progress

pupils make 7 months' progress in 14 weeks.

Parents and students have rated us 5/5

"The Maths Society have really supported me and accelerated my learning. They provide high standard tuition and stretch me to enable me to achieve my best. I should finish my GCSE Maths a year ahead of schedule and have already started GCSE Further Maths in Y10. The teachers really engage with us and are motivating. If we struggle with any material or concept they are very thorough and ensure we have really understood before moving on. I have been to a few tutors but none have provided me with the level of support and guidance that The Maths Society have."

Milan Hirani, Student

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