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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

When are you open?

Usually on Saturdays during term time. For exact timings, click here to see the timings of the course based on the Year group required.

Do you offer a free trail lesson?

No. There is fee for the trial session. The trial allows you and your child to view us in action. The session lasts approximately one hour, during which time your child will be able to attend an actual lesson. It will also be a chance for you to discuss your child’s requirements in depth and establish your goals in order to enable the teacher to begin to tailor work. We find that many parents find it a useful to compare us with other tuition centres to help make an informed decision.

How much is the registration fee?

The fee is £35, non-refundable/non-transferable, payable once upon registration.

Can my child join half-way through the course?

Yes you can. The best time to join is in September, however many of our pupils join half-way from other tuition settings. A full assessment will be carried out by the teacher to ensure that you can catch up and extra homework and class time is usually allocated to help the child catch up if required.

What courses do you offer?

Our core Subjects courses are Maths, Science and English

Year 4, 5 & 6 - Maths, English

Year 7, 8, 9 10, 11 - Maths, English, Science, Further Maths

Year 12 & 13  - Maths


Do you offer GCSE tuition?

Yes. We offer Maths, Science and English GCSE tuition covering all exam boards. We start the GCSE course in Year 9 and aim to complete it in 2 years, by the end of Year 10.


Where does your tuition happen?

Tuition takes place at Stanmore College – we have bright, well equipped and well maintained classrooms. Onsite free parking and wifi access is available.

During Covid we have held session online.


Do you focus on Exam practice?

Our students are given plenty of past paper practice – but only at the right time, once they have deep understanding of all of the individual topics within the syllabus. Far too many tutors use exam papers to ‘teach’ from, which means they are setting papers when the student isn’t ready: The upshot of that is the student’s scores fluctuate wildly and their confidence erodes.


How do I Enrol / Register on a course?

To Register Click Here


What does the fee include?

The fee covers all tuition. Also included are revision sessions, mock exams, parents meeting and feedback. Fee excludes text books. Children staying on for the following academic year will also benefit from priority booking.


What are the class sizes?

With experience we believe the ideal class size is up to 12-15 students per setting: At that size, we can quiz every student as we engage with a new topic, and we are aware if any student isn’t understanding or is struggling. As well as the class teacher, each group may have additional teaching assistants, dependent on class size. The assistants will be responsible for routine administration and helping children individually whenever required.

For A level the max is 6-8 students per setting.


How long is each lesson.

Typically 1 hour long and students can stay back for extra help if necessary. Every week there is at least 1 hour of homework per subject.


What role do the tutors play in my child’s learning?

Our tutors/teachers are the most important factor in children’s progress. All of our tutors are trained in the curriculum, and teach using a range of interactive resources that adapt to each child’s individual ability, challenging them at exactly the right level. By getting to know each child as an individual the tutors also play an essential role in boosting their confidence and motivation for learning.


My child is gifted - can they benefit from coming to TMS?

Yes! Many of our children are talented and gifted in many ways. We tailor our courses for each child’s individual requirements. We design the course around the child’s academic ability rather than their age, allowing gifted children to work at their own pace. At your initial consultation you will be able to discuss in more detail your child’s personal goals and requirements.


Will you cover the same syllabus as the school?

Yes. Our curriculum is aligned to the National Curriculum. Our tutors are trained to teach using curriculum approved teaching methods to ensure that the children have consistency with how they learn at school. This means that your child can always take the skills that they have learned at TMS back into the classroom. For example, Maths is Edexcel.


Are there any discount available?

No! We never offer discounts – everyone pays the published rates, and our rates are quite low. As a non-profit we do not operate like a business and are not incentives to make a profit.


Are your teachers fully qualified and DBS checked?

Yes. Teaching will be provided by a fully UK qualified and experienced teachers or tutors. All staff hold a clean DBS certificate.


Do I have to have my child assessed prior to enrolment? Do you stream the classes?

We do not assess children prior to enrolment, however if you do book a course with us the first lesson will include a baseline assessment. This will enable us to monitor your child’s progress and address any areas of significant weakness. Classes are mixed ability, however we do split them into groups in later years, for instance if the child is sitting a foundation or higher maths paper.


How much homework do the children get set?

Homework should take about 1-2 hours per week. Parents should review all homework and comment on any significant difficulties a child may be having in their homework diary. Any problems they might have are dealt with individually at the next session with the teacher.

We set homework on Google Classroom, its is compulsory and must be uploaded by Friday evening.


How much notice do I need to give if I have to stop?

A half-term's notice must be given in writing to if you intend to withdraw your child. In circumstances where the Parents have not given a proper Written Notice, Fees in lieu of Notice will be payable. This means Fees in full at the rate applicable for the next Half-Term following Withdrawal will be payable.

For the avoidance of doubt, for example, if you enrol in September you are signed up for that whole term, up to December. You are committed for that term. To leave you have to provide a half-term (typically 6 weeks) advance notice. This is because our costs are committed on a termly basis, such as hiring the facilities and retaining tutors. If this is not clear please do not hesitate to raise this during registration or anytime after.

If we are unhappy about anything how do we raise the issue?

We are committed to providing the best service we can and to being excellent in all that we do, but we recognise that our practices could always be improved. When we fall short of the high standards, we set for ourselves, we would like to hear about it. We take all feedback seriously – both good and bad – and treat all feedback as an opportunity to develop. Click here for the Complaints Policy and Procedure

Can you guarantee my child will pass?

No. Our courses prepare children thoroughly for the relevant exams; your child’s result will be down to individual performance on the day of the exam, how hard they have worked over the years and their potential ability that has been accessed through the course.


Does my child need to bring anything to lessons?

Children must bring their note books, text books and a full pencil case and a drink of water to class should they wish. Please do not bring any food or fizzy drinks to lessons, unless this has been pre-approved.

Recommended Texts - click here


What is the method of payment and payment structure?

At the time of booking, a non-refundable registration fee is taken to book a place on the course.

The tuition fee is paid termly in advance. For full terms please click here.


I'm a teacher. Can my school use Pupil Premium money? 

Yes. Schools use the Pupil Premium to pay for tuition. For more info visit Schools

As a Charity why do you charge for tuition? Why is the tuition not free for all?

Charities can legally charge for the services or facilities they offer. This is how we raise money for our charitable activities. The money raise through fees, from fee paying students, is utilised to provide Bursaries for non-fee paying students. We do not receive donations. The money to support bursaries all comes from the fee paying parents. There is no government support.

If I am on Free School Meals, do I get free tuition?

Not necessarily. We may offer you a Bursary up to 100% for the tuition. The Bursary is not a guarantee or a right. The value of the award is therefore means-tested, and depending on the parents’ financial circumstances it could be between 5% and 100% of fees. Bursary awards are discretionary and subject to the financial resources of the Charity. The bursary award is discretionary and is subject to an annual re-assessment and affordability by the Charity.

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