TMS response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis - an education charity weathering the storm

Your Health and Safety comes first - Preparing to safely re-open TMS at Stanmore College - 

As duty holders, health and safety legislation requires that we take all ‘reasonably practicable’ steps to ensure TMS tuitions are safe during and post COVID-19. At TMS we support any decision that’s needed to help curb the Covid-19 crisis. 

The vital role of risk assessment - the key hinge in any health and safety management system is risk assessment, and the management of COVID-19 is no different. TMS Risk Assessment - September 2020 

Covid Arrangement  - Safety Plan (Parents info)


Arrival and Departure


































Break - Changeover




General Safe Practices


  • Students only enter college building. Parents cannot enter.

  • Only one parent/carer to drop and collect.

  • Communication with the school must be via email or phone.

  • Centre Head and respective tutors at the gate before and after

  • Pupils must be dropped off at Elm Park gate (NOT Old Church Lane entrance) atleast 10 mins prior to tuition time.

  • Elm Park Gate opens at 9.50am and every hour thereafter, 10 mins prior to tuition time and every hour there for allocated yr groups. 

  • If your tuition is at 10am, please arrive by 9.50am at the Elm Park gate (NOT Old Church Lane entrance) ready to be picked up and escorted to the classrooms. If you are late you will miss the collection and will have to wait. TMS will not be responsible for late entries. Please arrive on time and plan your journey accordingly.

  • Children arriving at other times cannot enter the College grounds until it is their time. 

  • Families with children that have different drop off times must stay within their car or away from the Elm Park gate entrance until it is their allocated time to enter. 

  • Students will be taken straight to their classroom. 

  • Google Map link for Elm Park gate

  • 2 metres between staff at all times.

  • 2 metre between staff and students where possible.

  • 2 metre between students at all times where possible.

  • Parents must also maintain 2 metres between each other when collecting their child. 

  • Movement with the college will be very structured; an orderly one-way system will be used throughout the College with clearly marked directions to follow.

  • Same seat in the class bubble each day.

  • Each class bubble is a maximum of 15 students plus teacher/tutor/TA.

  • Sanitiser available in the classroom and correct handwashing ensured, soap will be available plus paper towels in toilet areas. 

  • Disinfectant spray/ wipes used regularly on surfaces.

  • Correct hygiene procedures with students revisited daily.

  • Students can and should bring their own sanitisers but will be required to clean hands at the start and end of each lesson.

  • Parents or carers must ensure the child carries with them a face mask and personal hand sanitizer.

  • Children will eat in the classroom only with their allocated bubble.  

  • Tables/chairs sanitised. 

  • Children who are bringing in packed lunch must keep this with them stored under their desk.  It must be taken home each day and sanitised. 

  • No sharing food or drink. 

  • No sharing of equipment.

  • Students to have their own drink bottle - drinking fountains closed.

  • One student will be allowed in the toilets at a time.

  • Furniture disinfected each day.

  • Any sick children will be sent home.

  • No staff will be at school if health compromised

  • Parents or carers must ensure the child carries with them a face mask and personal hand sanitizer.

  • Parents or carers must check their own children and not send them to tuition if they are displaying symptoms or have been in contact with anybody who has been positively diagnosed. If householders are displaying symptoms but undiagnosed they will also be asked to remain at home. Full guidance on this will be adhered to.

  • Please remember to ensure your son/daughter has a water bottle to reduce any risk of transition through contaminated cups (we will not be lending out cups).

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Safeguarding Statement
The Maths Society is committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all our children in school. We believe that pupils have a right to learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment which includes the right to protection from all types of abuse; where staff are vigilant for signs of any pupil in distress and are confident about applying the/our safeguarding processes to avert and alleviate any such problems. Have a look at our Safeguarding Page for further information. 

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