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5 Day Summer revision

11-plus subjects: Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

Preparing your child for the 11-plus exam

The 11-plus exam is difficult enough which is why this is not the time to cut corners. Your child will get one chance at the 11-plus and we want to help them succeed.

What to expect from our 11-plus revision course


Before the course – meeting your child’s needs


When you complete the booking form we will ask you to tell us about your child. The 11-plus exams they will be taking, areas they find difficult and also if they have any mobility, health or educational needs.


Your child will be asked to complete a pre-course assessment to highlight specific areas of weakness in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

During the course – revision, exam technique and mock exam

We will cover the major topics for each subject including any weak areas that are uncovered through the pre-course assessment. The tutor will teach at the front of the class and sessions will be as interactive as possible allowing time for your child to fill the gaps in their learning.

Your child will answer exam questions to improve their exam technique. Tutors describe the different types of exam questions and explain how best to answer them to gain full marks. Whilst students are working independently tutors will give individual support.


During the last two days of the course there will be a formal mock exam in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. These will be taken under exam conditions. After the exam tutors will discuss some of the questions so that the children can learn from their mistakes.


After the course – feedback

Pre-course assessment papers will be returned immediately after the course.  These are not given back earlier as the information is used to plan the course and as a point of reference to help your child.


Mock exam papers are marked and either posted or emailed to you with a written report within one week. If the tutor suggests that your child needs to do extra work in a particular area we will offer as much help as possible.


If you feel a one-to-one session would help to complete your child’s preparation for the exam we will be happy to arrange this.

Group size

Teaching groups will be kept small with no more than ten children. This allows time for all children to receive individual support when needed.


Course tutors

All our tutors have been carefully selected, vetted and have extensive 11-plus experience. They have excellent references and were also chosen for their caring nature, friendly personalities and enthusiastic teaching style to help encourage and motivate each student.

Course sessions


English and Verbal sessions will take place in the morning and Maths and non-verbal in the afternoon.


Total study time will be 20 hours however extra support is provided at no extra cost.  Each course will run over five days and be arranged as follows:

Session 1 : 10-11am

Session 2: 11-12pm

Lunch : 12-1pm

Session 2: 1-2pm

Session 3: 2-3pm

Course venue

Stanmore College, Elm Park, Stanmore, Middlesex

For full details click venue.

Break periods and lunch

Fresh fruit, soft drinks and biscuits will be made available free during break periods. Children must bring a packed lunch.


30th July – 3rd August 2018​

Course Topics


Writing techniques: 

  • How to plan and structure a piece of writing

  • Writing to explain or describe in relation to a character or place

  • Starting sentences in different ways

  • Writing to persuade, argue or advise

  • Writing letters, blogs, magazine articles or a report


Comprehension techniques:

  • Long and short answers

  • How to support answers using short quotations


Writing correctly:

  • Common spelling errors – homophones, word endings…

  • Common grammar errors

  • Punctuation – basic and advanced

  • Vocabulary​


Additional topics may be added to the following list. Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Basic algebra and equations, working with fractions, negative numbers, ratios, decimals, factors and multiples, percentages, sequences, special numbers and number patterns. Shapes and symmetry, area and perimeter, working out angles, measurement, 2D and 3D shapes, volume and capacity, reflection, rotation and translation. Reading scales and unit conversion. Data handling, graphs, probability, percentages and square numbers. Median, mean and range, telling the time and related problem solving.


Verbal reasoning

Covers a mixture of English and Maths logic questions. For example, letter and number sequences. Substituting letters and numbers. Relationships. Compound words. Number and letter patterns. Missing letters from a word, words between words, forming new words, swapping words to make the sentence make sense and word problems.

Non-verbal reasoning


Covers a mixture of non-language based logic questions using patterns, shapes, pictures and symbols. For example, identifying similarities in a set by finding the odd one out or one that belongs to a set. Identifying sequences by finding the next one in a sequence or confirming the repetition of a pattern. Finding the link between a pair of objects and applying that link to make a second pair of objects.

Course Fees

Full 5-day 11-plus revision course  = £400

English and Verbal Reasoning Course = £250

Maths and NVR Course = £250

Payment policy
  • A £50 non-refunded deposit must be paid to hold a place if you are not paying in full at the time of booking

  • Unless a course becomes unavailable deposits are non-refundable

Now taking bookings

Please phone or Contact us to check availability before completing the Booking form.

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