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Every Child Can Shine

We provide tuition to help pupils of all ages and abilities to achieve their maximum potential. In Secondary we can tutor English literature and language, Maths and Science. 

The Maths Society ensures that every single hour one of our tutors spends with a young person is as positive and effective as possible.  The young people we serve deserve the very best tuition, and our parents and partner schools need to know that our tuition is achieving its aims and giving value for money.  As a charity, we constantly review and refine every aspect of our work, drawing on extensive feedback from schools and utilising the best research evidence and professional practice available.

Our research has shown that students need a minimum of one term (12 hours) of tuition in order for it to have a meaningful impact.

Maths, English, Science
& Further Maths.
GCSEs. A-Levels.
Year 4 to 13


What are parents saying?

The feedback we have received from the pupils involved, their families, the tutors, the children's teachers and the head teachers from the schools where we have worked has provided nothing but praise for our sessions. Teachers’ believed there was a considerable improvement in their pupils' marks, aspirations, enjoyment, confidence, attendance and behaviour. 

The Maths Society builds a solid foundation for academic success.

Pupils at TMS make, on average, double the progress of their peers. And 80% say it’s improved their confidence in school. Which means they’re more likely to raise their hand when they know the answer – or ask for help if they don’t.

Maths, English & Science Tuition

We offer learning programmes from Year 4 to A Levels 

and support for all Key Stages including SATs, KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5, right through to preparation for GCSEs and A Levels.


At TMS we understand finding a tutor is not always easy task.

Our teachers have been selected for their expertise and experience, as well as their caring and professional approach. 

Each tutorial session is tailored to the specific needs of the learner, ensuring a personalised and effective method of learning.


Whether they are struggling to keep up with their peers and need extra support, or are a high-performing student looking for greater results, TMS has an appropriate lesson plan for you.

All our Tutors are qualified and fully DBS checked.


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